Player from a different server on my server rankings

Hey, this has been bugging me for some time now. There is a player that used to be on my server but has long since been gone. Their parses still show up for primals for some reason and it’s really annoying considering they aren’t actually on the server. Has anyone else been having this problem?

edit: Turns out there’s more players from another server on my server’s rankings. This just bugs me because I’d like to compete with people from my server, not people from other servers. Hopefully this can be fixed, thanks.
(server: Faerie)

As long as their best parse was on your server, it will stay there. If the player ever tops their old parse on a new server, then it will invalidate the old one, but as long as their best work was done on your server, it gets to stay there.

Here’s the thing, said player is on Diabolos and has been there for months now. He got his Nidhogg EX on Diabolos but it’s showing up on my server rankings. Same thing with his highest parse on Sephirot EX. :sob:

Ah that sounds like a bug then. What is the character’s name on the old and new servers?

Lyra Rose, apparently they just disappeared off Nidhogg but they’re still on Sephirot. /shrug

Does seem like it might be an interesting feature to have the option to exclude parses of characters that have left the server. That should be possible to implement.


good idea