FFlogs updating to wrong server

So i am having a problem, i switched servers and my logs are going to my old server.

Previous server- https://www.fflogs.com/rankings/character/14819/latest/ (adamantoise)
Current server- https://www.fflogs.com/rankings/character/1240968/4/ (gilgamesh)

It shows ive cleared it and all, but when i search for my gilgamesh character all i get is the adamntoise one with the stuff i have recently cleared on gilgamesh but not on adamantoise. ( might be abit confusing)

Edit: I have noticed that its also showing my old server(adamantoise) on the rankings.

It has been atleast a month so i dont think thats the problem.

Have you posted any new rankings on the new server? The server canonicalization is currently done when looking for new rankings, e.g., if you post rankings to the new server, then they will cause you to be put on the new server.

Yep a sophia parse got updated lastnight from gilgamesh but it still shows adamntoise

Did you upload the parse and did you do it to your personal logs?

The issue when uploading to personal logs is that I have absolutely no server information, so I have to guess. I start with the logger to try to establish a speculative server, but if there is a character on Adamantoise still, I may tentatively place you there.

Because everything is now cross-realm, I can’t even make assumptions about a fixed server any more, so other people being on Gilgamesh isn’t enough for me to necessarily believe you are on Gilgamesh.

I’m honestly approaching the point where I may just get rid of personal logs completely on FF and force uploading only to statics. Either that or make the person enter their character’s server on every personal logs upload.

At any rate, for now the way to get your Gilgamesh character established as the dominant one is to get a parse uploaded by someone on Gilgamesh and/or have it uploaded to a static’s log area on Gilgamesh.

OH, no i did not upload it(as i cannot run act) is there anything to be done?

Is there anything i can do? there has been atleast 13 parses uploaded from gilgamesh and its still showing that im on adamantoise on the rankings

What is your character’s name on both servers, and what is an example report that was uploaded to Gilgamesh?

Its Tj bardyn on both, but there is no Tj bardyn on adamantoise anymore. and here is sophia ex parse https://www.fflogs.com/reports/a4Ff8HJNkGLctQrW#fight=13&type=damage-done

For debugging, it would be helpful to know which character uploaded the log.

It was Welkin bardyn that uploaded all of them and he is having the same problem. We switched from adamantoise to gilgamesh at the same time.

Should be fixed. The issue is that your friend still had his Adamantoise character as the one in his primary list. He has since corrected that and linked his Gilgamesh character to Lodestone. This fixed the issue.

Alright, thanks alot hope it wasnt too much of a hastle :smiley:

Thanks Kihra for helping us out I’ll be supporting you on Patreon! :slight_smile: