FFLogs has me on the wrong server

A person who joined the party cross server uploaded a log on my character who is on Gilgamesh: http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/871574/

I updated when I transferred to Gilgamesh and had my logs post as me being on Gilgamesh until the player from Balmung uploaded them.

I have had quite a few logs posted by my current static since then and it still has my character as being on Balmung. I have redone the import character function, to no avail.

The Balmung player who uploaded the log that got me switched to Balmung is: https://www.fflogs.com/guilds/userreportslist/18690

Also, when i try to search for my character the only one that comes up on the list is Uzume Hoake on Balmung when all of my echo partition parses are from Gilgamesh except for the posted by the user above.

When looking at the world rankings my character comes up as on Balmung, not Gilgamesh. Again my character has been on gilgamesh for over 2 months.

My character was on Balmung for a short time in february, but had since moved to Behemoth, until two months ago I moved to Gilgamesh.

I am hoping that my Post echo parses can be assigned to the Gilgamesh server. Thank you for any assistance.