WW monk (TOK with legendary cape) not counting

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue?

Just had a mythic Renferal kill where it gave me about 4 million total damage from ToK on a 7 minutes 30 second long fight.

I used Karma on cooldown with the cape. I have a weakaura to track how much damage I’m returning. I was standing in the green circle 3 times to soak the maximum amount of damage, I soaked an entire winds.

This should be close to 20 million damage instead of 4 million damage. My damage meter in fact counted my damage and had me about 30k+ dps higher than the logs showed.

Looked at the logs and found it basically wasn’t counting my TOK damage.

HELP? I would’ve possibly had a top ranking log here.

Can you provide a link to the log? If I had to guess, you probably had massive overkill, so most of the damage wasn’t real. WCL (unlike Skada/Recount) does not count overkill damage as legitimate.

I’d recommend switching to Details! damage meter instead which matches WCL. It’s just plain better than the other meters.

Why should massive overkill not count for this mechanic?

I’m legitimately dealing that damage to the boss. It’s not a cheese, it is part of the legendary mechanic.

This is a huge issue because we’re talking the BIS legendary for WW monks. This is absorbing and returning 4.5 million easily every 1.5 seconds. That damage is being done, but it’s not being counted. It’s also not just fluff. Yes it would cause massive overkill. If I use the legendary properly, I’m absorbing double my HP pool. I also heal for that much (also not counted). It pretty much invalidates the legendary cloak if that’s the case. Why should I switch to details if its not counting actual damage done that isn’t cheese?

I can understand how massive overkill would not count for certain cheese mechanics and why it was put in. But this is clearly not that. And it’s a potential of 6 soaks for a 7.5 minute fight at 4.5 million a soak. That’s 27 million damage that just disappeared. That is a potential of 50,000 DPS just gone when used perfectly. That is actually encouraging players to NOT use this legendary cloak correctly.

No other class has their BIS legendary become a damage loss, do they?

Here’s the log. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/yzAxJqtjXcRn7mNF

I may not be near the best, but that would’ve made an enormous difference. Someone without the legendary cloak in that fight would’ve done more damage with ToK than I personally did.

Edited for clarity.

It’s not overkill. Checking Include Overkill doesn’t change anything. Are you sure you’re missing damage?

All damage is accounted for on Elerethe. All 1.36b, so the log is correct.


Dunno what to tell you other than your damage meter is wrong.

except I used touch of karma 6 times on that pull. It has me soaking 4 million with touch of karma.

I literally stood 3 times on elerethes vile ambush in the green circle. It’s an autokill for anyone. I soaked it 3 times and returned the entire damage. I soaked two gathering clouds and 1 violent winds. The damage was soaked and went out. So where is it? That is where both my damage meter and the log differed.

You’re not absorbing 4.5 million per use. Not sure where you’re getting that number. Maybe this view will help. There’s no bug here.


I just wanted to jump in here to point out that even though touch of karma can reflect up to 4 million damage, it still only has a duration of 10 seconds. Just looking at the first usage, tok absorbed the 940k Vile Ambush damage, but it was already gone by the time you were soaking pools.

This view adds when you gain/lose the tok buff


So you’re telling me when I stand in the green circle on mythic referal, which is an instant kill. And TOK it and take no damage that it is only stopping 900k damage?

You’re telling me when I stand in winds on roc form and without heals i would die, but Tok the entire damage load it’s soaking less than my entire hp pool?

Something is wrong here.

Especially because I have a weakauras string that shows me how much damage i have remaining on the shield (I.e. used) and im using a MUCH larger number than what you’re saying I returned. How do you explain that?

When I looked at my damage meter and looked at the Warcraftlog, that is where my missing damage was. Next time i raid I’d be glad to revisit this thread and post more data. I don’t think it should immediately be dismissed as false.

Also im going to guess the discrepancy shown between amount absorbed and damage done by Tok is due to resistances on the boss? Seems pretty large though.

I’m telling you the log itself is not wrong, and that the damage totals are correct. If you want to believe something is going wrong in-game, go right ahead, but the numbers reported in the log are consistent, and add up to the correct boss health total.

The point is that there is not a bug on WCL. If you think it’s Blizzard’s bug with the numbers, talk to them, but there’s no bug on my site’s end. I’m just reporting what’s actually in the log.

The boss did Immune some of your ticks (see the events view), which means the damage dealt will be lower than the absorbed damage you took. You can see when the Immunes occurred in the events views linked above by me and epwna.

I also looked at the combat replay on the kill, and you are not actually standing inside the Vile Ambush circle. The log shows you just outside the circle. Note the Vile Ambush graphic is actually a bit generous to the player at the edges.

This means taking ~1 mil damage is expected and consistent with how much damage your fellow raid members took who were standing in positions similar to yours on the combat replay.