M+ details not matching logs

According to my detail meters, my overall damage was way higher than what the logs said it was. Almost a 7k discrepancy. Does anyone else have this issue with specifically M+ logs? [


you can see in the photo provided, that according to details, my overall damage is at ~27.8k.
In the logs, it has me at ~20.64k overall. This isnt just a one time thing. The logs and detail meters are always wayy off from each other on M+, but seem pretty accurate during raid logs. I’m not the one who usually logs the raid though. Do you think there is an issue with my logs specifically? Am i missing something obvious? I’m pretty new to logging.

WCL is dividing by the entire completion time of the dungeon. Details is probably just dividing by the time you were in combat. WCL also excludes overkill damage.

So then why is it not the same in raids? There is a lot of down time in raids that doesn’t negatively affect damage. There’s actually way less downtime in M+ than in raiding, so wouldn’t raid logs be way lower dps then M+ logs?

I’m thinking, maybe they don’t count reaping damage into the logs?