Worldbuffs and Pets

Hey Kihra,

my Guild is doing “No Worldbuff” runs for the past three weeks. I always knew that pets are a bit squishy in combat logs and therefore on WoW Logs. Now that we can separate between WB and No WB I wanted to know how the logs will handle our companions.

I did the following. I started the Raid (BWL) with Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer and Zandalars Spirit on my Pet. Despite that, everyone in our guild, including me (Hunter) is ranked in No WB Leaderboards until Nefarian. With Nefarian everyone is ranked in WB and the whole Log is ranked under WB (Speed / Execution/ etc.).

Both worldbuffs were tracked ca. 30min in and apparently Blackwing Spellbinder triggered it to be seen. Nonetheless, the following bosses were still ranked No WB. (Except Nefarian ofc)
I added another Log from a week before, where you can see the same behavior also with Blackwing Spellbinders.

Log 30.07.2020:

Log 23.07.2020:

Is there a way to further track pet worldbuffs? My concern is, that hunters use this mechanic and will find a way to avoid the tracking of the worldbuffs with Nefarian. (HS to Kargath --> let pet die --> come back --> kill nefarian)

Thanks in advance.

I can’t see world buffs on pets.