Aura Filter Improvement

I have a problem with the “source auras filters” for BM Hunter. I’d like to know what and how many spells i used during my Bestial Wrath CD, and how much damage i actually did during BW in comparison to how much Damage i did outside of it and so on. The “Source auras filters” unfortunately don’t work with pet abilities for some reason, so i was wondering if that could be changed? The Filter for Bestial Wrath is probably only set to filter out the Aura on the Player. It seems like dire beasts, hati and the main pet need a different spell ID for the buffs to be tracked on those targets.

Normal Log:
Filtered Log:

Only the damage of the player and not the pets is displayed.
I am not sure if there are pins that can work around that, but i tried and didn’t get anything to work but that’s probably because of my inexperience with pins.

Also, would it be possible to get this Filter not only for the Damage tab but also the Cast tab? So we can not only see how much damage we did during certain buffs/debuffs but also see the casts we did in that time frame in a chart more focused on that.

Thanks in advance and especially for maintaining this site!

Kind Regards, Caph