What Counts as World Buffs


Just looking for some clarification as to what will trigger a parse to be in the WB category vs the no WB category.

I have several logs in which I have none of what I would consider to be world buffs (ie non consumables such as rallying cry/DMT/ZG/DMF) that do not appear in the no WB category.

Do things like jujus/blasted lands consumables/ZG pots count as world buffs?


I am looking for same exact information. This should really be clear cut.
I understand it is raid wide all or nothing but what are the exact buffs?

I assume the easy list. DM Tribute buffs, Rally Cry Buffs, Spirit of Zandar, Warchief, Songflower. These are 1 hr or 2 hour buffs.

Do hunter pets or pets in general count?
Do buffs like ZG potions count?