[Win10] FF Logs Uploader can not be installed (Err: 5100)


Cause of the update to fix A11s parsing, I could not install the update.
I tried to reinstall all… Adobe Air is now on the latest version.

but if I wanna install fflogs.air I get the following error (german):

In english:
“The Application can not be installed. Install the application again. Contact the application author if the problem remains. Errornumber: 5100”

My system: Win10 (V1607, every update installed [cause maybe of this Problem:Win 10 issues installing client])

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards

Is your Windows 10 up to date, i.e., do you have the anniversary edition installed?

Yes, everything up to date!

Googling around reveals that this most commonly occurs when you don’t have admin privileges on your computer to install programs. It can also occur when out of disk space.

Oh great. That’s a problem since the anniversary edition. Cause I can’t start the .air as administrator. Normaly it should work (and it worked right before the anniversary edition)…

Now it works! Here is how I did it (Maybe there were other possibilities, but that’s the fastest one I’ve found?):

Open your console (cmd) as admin.
net user administrator /active:yes
Switch to the “new” administrator user.
Install fflogs.air
Sign out the admin user, switch back to your “right one”.
Enjoy! (And you can deactivate your admin with “net user administrator /active:no”)

Maybe there where other ways to do it… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your tipp - I also google’d it and found thats because the admin privileges. But I didn’t believe, cause I got all privileges (and tried everything else which worked well…).

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I want to thank you Schnitzel. This resolved the issue I was having!

Bumping for visibility since I did a mandatory update push.