FF Logs Uploader Error

Hello i need your help,

This day i have a problem with fflog uploader:


I tried to uninstal and reinstal him, i checked if i have a good version with adobe air etc, tried to launch him without and with the administrator permission, but nothing works.

i don’t have a problem for connect me on the site internet and check my log.

If you have a solution i take it ^^

Thank you for your help.

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer.

I just tried but it does not works, thanks anyway.

I’ve been having the same problem for about 2 days or so.

I’ve also tried deleting the %AppData%\Adobe AIR\ELS folder but no luck so far.

Any ideas?

Reset your password and pick a new one.


Yay! It worked! I think my old password was too short.

Thank you!

Same for me ty Kihra !!! <3

Same problem, im try both solution and nothing, i can log with other new account, but i can log with my account in 2 windows 10

Reset your password.