Can't download warcraft logs with adobe air?

Hi all,

I just downloaded Adobe Air but whenever I try to download warcraft logs, it says the application could not be downloaded, try to contact the administrator of the product (or something like that…) (error #5100)…

Any idea how to solve this?

I am having this problem as well. error #5100

Usually this is a permissions problem, e.g., you’re trying to install from a non-administrator account or something.

Having Same problem error5100. Refuses to install

I had the same problem, you have to run warcraftlogs.air as admin or the install will fail.
You can follow this on how to be actually able to run it as admin

Seems you can’t run it on win 10 even with an admin account

Something is misconfigured on your system. Many many people use the uploader just fine on Windows 10. I don’t know much about 5100 other than that it’s not an AIR-specific issue. It signals some kind of permission misconfiguration or something like that.

The quickest and easiest way I found to fix this Error is…

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Select “File” then “Run New Task”
  3. Check the box “Create this task with administrative privileges”
  4. Browse “warcraftlogs.air” in your computer
    (Remember to change the browse search to all files.)