What's up with the - in the DPS rankings column?


That fight and some other fights that I’ve logged recently, why are some people ranked and some people just have a dash?

Looks like the spec could not be determined. For support/assault determination I am still using an ancient outdated table from the old WildHeap web site (that is long since defunct).

I have messaged JabbitHole repeatedly to see if I could get them to provide the same data, but they have not responded to any of my requests.

If someone knows them, maybe you could ping them and see if they’ll respond.

Jabbithole has been MIA since February. :frowning:

What kind of details are you looking for? It’s ability names and types on class pages like this one are still accurate.

Looking at:


You can see by the missing icons that I don’t know anything about most of the ability IDs used there. They have changed since the table I got.

I just use a JSON file that WildHeap supplied, so I guess I could hand edit it to include whatever changed here that is causing the spec determination to not work.

I could update that file by hand tonight if you’d like.