Blue dash instead of rankings

Any idea why my rankings in this run ( are often just blue dashes (I’m Klette, the Guardian Druid)? Is it a bug or is there something inadmissible about them?

Are you using a weird autologger or something? Your fights are all missing ENCOUNTER_START and COMBATANT_INFO.

The guildie who uploaded them says he was just live logging using the default World of Logs Uploader. Nothing weird or funky.

His own parses (and those of other guildies) showed up just fine, too.

Could be blizzard’s bug then. Every fight is missing data.

Thanks for looking into it!

(I forgot to mention before, but I use Feral Affinity, which means a lot of my attacks are cat attacks - that shouldn’t be an issue though, should it?)

Without COMBATANT_INFO, I have to guess your spec, and I might be failing to do so.

Hopefully it was just a fluke then. First time I’ve seen it happen.

Thanks again!