No DPS/Healing rankings on CN server "诺克塞恩" along with other probelms

Hi, there are no rankings on the server page for " 诺克塞恩" listed for raids. When clicked on “view more”, it shows the following “All of the recorded fights for this boss, difficulty, size and region are private.”

Also, I can’t find my chars when I do a search, as if the data uploaded to my server are not compiled.

Moreover, the data for MC and Onyxia are defaulted to show P1/2, which resulting in no data shown on the server page.

Can someone figure out what is going on?

The server name must not be correct. You’ll need to look in the log file and see what the server name really should be so that I can fix it.


I think you are right, the server name should be “诺克赛恩”… instead of the current…“misspelling”?

Can you please fix that? thx

It’s odd that people keep asking me to add realms and then misspelling the name in their requests lol

haha. its gets the best of us. I cant type without google correcting me every other word

@Kihra, I see that you have corrected the server name, but still no rankings on the server page. Is there a way to fix it, so existing logs/data count towards rankings? Many thanks

Yeah go to any report and go to its rankings tab and hit the Export button at the bottom of that page