Classic - Have "No WB" Scores count in "WB" standings

It would be nice if logs under the “No WB” category also show up under the “WB” category.

I assume the reason against is due to median performance, but when doing BWL and MC back to back we cross the WB 2 hour threshold and half the MC raid falls under the “No WB” category.

I don’t see much harm in having the records in which you do not have world buffs also show up under the WB category if you don’t already have higher records with world bosses.

Just something for consideration.

Also if you wipe half way through half raid is with world buffs and half without. It looks really weird. In my opinion It would look much cleaner to evaluate parses as no world buffs only if there wasnt any world buffs present in the full instance. If that is possible.

Please make this happen. Having 99s split across 2 categories because of a wipe doesn’t make sense. Either add an option to convert the log into “no WB” prior to start or at least have raids that include a wipe continue in whichever category the raid started at. I can’t imagine a scenario where a guild wants to drop from “WB” to “no WB” due to a wipe. So why automatically have it function that way?

P.S. Won’t Garr always cause logs to automatically drop to “no WB” with the current functionality?

ZG and Dragonslayer can’t be dispelled as far as I know, so Garr won’t do anything to those world buffs.

The 99s are not actually split in two categories I was confused by this at the begining. If you wipe mid raid on ebonroc for example the 1st four bosses are ranked in wb and the last 4 as no WB. If you do 4 99s on the remaining bosses as no WB this cannot go to the WB category as 99s but at best 80s. This give us the advantage to still compete if we are unfortunate the buffs are lost due to a wipe. It looks messy now but as you do more and more records in your boss kills it would fill up the missing parses. Have some patience.
I can give you an example on the first night of P5 we wiped on firemaw. After we killed him I managed to log 100 on that fight. If this was automaticly transfered into WB category It would have corupted my character page as it is not very likely I will ever get 100 in world buffs category. So there is an option for me to have 100 in no WB or 80 in world buffs. You cannot have both as it was only one kill. Hope this make sense

But that’s the problem. Some people would prefer to not have a “no wb” category and the parses currently seem to force that. My most recent Nef kill would still give me top 20 healer for the server and a 99, as opposed to #2 in an inconsequential category that is already overinflated due to having less parses.

Will bomb on Vael (or downing Garr for that matter) force this downshift every week? If so, that seems like terrible functionality; if not, then there’s clearly a way to have individuals still have their parses count towards “WB” parses. What’s the breaking point that downshifts a raid from one to the other? 10 people without buffs? A trash wipe? A boss wipe? Ultimately, the current functionality will force me to fill out the missing bosses needed towards the “no wb” avg. by going to BWL without buffs one week, which seems counter intuitive.

A bigger problem surrounds griefing and bad behavior. This new categories will only further incentivize dispelling world buffs and/or camping instances because you’ve essentially created two tiers now. Want to screw over the competition from beating your parses? Simply grief them by downshifting them to tier 2. This will be especially painful for Alliance due to faction imbalances going into AQ40. I remember the death marches back in vanilla and this will make it feel even worse because you’ll know going in that you’ve been demoted to tier 2 before the first pull.

I somewhat understand the reasoning behind it, but this feels like needless functionality. At the very least, make it so that the person logging the file can choose between uploading to “WB” or “no WB” when uploading and then upshift if world buffs are detected in the logs.

The no world buffs category is something you’re only put into if not a single member of your raid has world buffs. This means only a complete wipe is going to push you out of the world buffs category. Individuals dying on encounters is fine and won’t result in being pushed into the no WB category.

Regarding putting the fights and ranks into both categories, I might be able to swing that. I’ll need to investigate. It makes the report id * fight id for a ranking row non-unique, so I have to make sure the code can handle that.

Yeah well I was looking at the matter from a dps perspective as the healing parses are completely different story. Healers can stay competitive much easier without world buffs. Dps has much harder time scoring 99 parse as dps is really difficult. I had 99 resto druid parse on venoxiss once only because I throw few hots in the raid and clense all poisons from the raid.