Warcraft Logs will not allow me to import my character

I keep clicking the Import character button and nothing happens. The site just reloads. When I check my account settings with warcraft logs it shows it has my correct Battle.net ID, server (US) and btag name so why isn’t it able to see the character I play? It is a 110 shadow priest.

Possibilities when there’s no actual failure.

(1) Your Battle.net account isn’t verified. See if you have the padlock with an ! on your us.battle.net/ page.

(2) You didn’t give Warcraft Logs permission to look at your characters. Unlink and go through the linking process again and make sure all the checkboxes are checked.

(3) If you have a huge number of characters, the API does appear to have a cap and it will not return every character you own. This problem is unlikely, but if it is this, you’ll need to delete enough of your level 1s or w/e in order to make the 110 show up.