Unable to Import Characters from Battlenet

Despite my account being linked to battlenet, every time I attempt to import my characters through the link on the home page or through the link in settings, nothing happens. Please help!


Battle.net Account
This account is linked to Battle.net in the US region. The BattleTag associated with this account is Nae… (battletag omitted intentionally here, however it does display correctly within Warcraft Logs)

The following link fails:
Battle.net Characters and Guilds
No characters or guilds have been imported yet from Battle.net. Click here to import your characters from Battle.net, so that Warcraft Logs can discover what characters you own and what guilds you should belong to.

First, unlink from Battle.net in Warcraft Logs. Then go to your us.battle.net page and make sure your Battle.net account is verified. If it is not you’ll see an exclamation point with a padlock.

If the account is verified, select Manage Authorized Applications and revoke Warcraft Logs’ permissions. Then go through the linking process on WCL again and this time make sure you give WCL access to character profile information. All boxes need to be checked.

I have in accordance with this method , but the situation has not changed.
“Click here to import your characters from Battle.net

Resulting URL : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/accounts/battlenetlogin/?state=TW-characters
=============20160613 updata========
Battle.net link to US = "Last synchronized at Mon 13 Jun 2016 03:48:52 PM UTC. Update"
Battle.net link to EU = "Last synchronized at Mon 13 Jun 2016 03:48:52 PM UTC. Update"
Battle.net link to KR = "Last synchronized at Mon 13 Jun 2016 03:48:52 PM UTC. Update"
Battle.net link to TW=https://www.warcraftlogs.com/?access_failed=true
only TW=No way to Update Characters

PLZ HELP thanksssssssss

I don’t have any suggestions other than the two possibilities mentioned above.

OK.maybe TW battle.net BUG.

so I have followed these instructions with the exception I don’t see any boxes to be checked, but all I get is


I am so frustrated, where do I look for the boxes?

Well there is only 1 box to check. And I have done this. I have done this process a few times and it worked. But today (2/28/2018) it is not working at all and allI get back is (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/?access_failed=true).
So it seems this method is not working at the time and is making it where I have lost my Guilds logs and I do not have access to my characters logs.

There seems to be only one box fyi. (as of 2/28/2018)

I am getting the same exact thing.

Only reason I unlink my account was because my new hunter was not being added to my characters. Sucks that now I can’t get of main toon to show. I am wondering if when the Auction house API went down it messed with the way the two sites handshake.

Blizzard’s API is down. Have to just wait for them to address it.

AH, that makes a lot of since. Thank for getting back and sorry for blowing this up. Mythic progression tonight and I like to ref how I did last time to improve.

yes thank you Kihra, I wasn’t sure I would get a response after 2 years, and thanks to the others for their input, I hope it is just API