O4 Clear being counted as 0% wipe

Might just be O4 story, but figured I’d report it. This clear is being counted as a 0% wipe.

Same thing here for O1S and O2S.

@Reed You can’t mix languages. You have what look like Japanese boss names but English ability names. Need to be consistent (all English or all Japanese) if you want FFLogs to understand what’s going on.

@Halcyon That can just happen with that fight. Exdeath doesn’t die, so I just have to rely on health, which is sometimes flaky about updating.

I’m having the same issue and my log is in English. https://www.fflogs.com/reports/bVpyQ9MwWNcXHDCd#fight=1

Exdeath is like Nidhogg. I have to just guess if it’s a kill or not, and if the server is bad about updating enemy health, I can’t tell. Open to suggestions for other ways to detect victory, but for now it’s just going to be flaky.

Okay, thanks. I just kept going until a parse finally worked.