A10s trash fight

Hey there,
on this week’s raid I uploaded the fights as usual but A10s is considered a “Trash Fight”.
A9s and A11s work fine, it’s only A10s.
The client and ACT is set to german.
Here is the log: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/akYbHjDLBZrw3c4f

Anyone has similar problems?

  • Saitama Wachtmann

Same here… it will always shown as trash fight. Act and ff Client set to german


EDIT: The funny thing about this is that fflogs upload recognize the fight correctly as “The Breath of the Creator savage”…

German Parses in A10s do still show as Trash fights on FFflogs
Recognize the fight correctly as “The Breath of the Creator savage” but will show as Trash fights

Not that it matters pretty short before Addon, but curious if there’s a easy fix?

Make sure not to mix languages. If you have English ability names but German NPC names, that will confuse FFLogs.