(V2 Api Problem)In the process of manufacturing Discord Bot that outputs FFLOG Parses Data, the bot does not receive recent data.

This time, I’m making a project to print FFLOG records as a discode bot.

We found that data such as Eden’s Verse was output well, but we found that data related to Eden’s Promise or Ultimate Alexander was not output.

For this reason, we concluded that FFlog’s log aggregation method changed from v1 api to v2 api.

In the case of v1 api, we were able to obtain Parses Data by obtaining a key from the FFlog official website and accessing url such as [https://www.fflogs.com:443/v1/parses/character/${encodeURI].

However, after changing to v2 api, I don’t know how to get the key issued, which url, and which grammar to approach.

If you know the solution to this, please leave a comment.

I will pray that everyone will be happy for the rest of 2021.
Thank you.