API (v1): downloading guild eventlogs for local caching


I’d like to run some cumulative stats over my static’s previous raid tier. I’m considering writing a script to download the /report/events/summary/{code} JSON for each pull my static made since Eden’s Verse launched. I’d be running this manually. I plan to always check /reports/guild/{guildName}/{serverName}/{serverRegion} at startup, but only download the fights and events for reports not already completely locally cached. The actual stats would be computed in a separate program that is not capable of touching the API.

On Discord, the most recent rate limit I found discussed was 480 requests / 2 min; fetching character ranks counts as 5 reqs, and fetching a character’s parses counts as 10.


  1. Is what I want to do allowed? I want to avoid getting banned much more than I want to write this script, so I’ll drop it if there are concerns.
  2. Are there any other API (v1) rate or data limits that I must observe, aside from staying under 480 reqs / 2 min with those two multiplier caveats?