Uploads not working properly: creating no, partial or broken reports

Yesterday I did some M+ runs and ran an NHC raid. This morning I attempted to upload the logs and the uploads all fail. I checked that I’m trying to upload for Dragonflight, EU and Live. The Raidlog stops midway through with “Error creating report” and I can cancel. The M+ reports either don’t start with some issue about the start zone or also just stop.

I now have a bunch of broken reports in my report list (that I can’t even seem to delete). One of them..

The Raid log partially succeeded, but we did actually kill Terros and also Council, so that didn’t make it in for some reason.

(Yesterday morning I was able to upload M+ reports from the day before without issues.)

Hi there, we had an outage yesterday that likely caused this. Apologies for the inconvenience, but looks like your uploaded logs look fine now.