Logs not uploading?

Hi there,

Thank you for the great service, I love warcraft logs and am a Patreon subscriber!

I am having some small problems uploading logs for the last few weeks. Previously have had no problems and everything has worrked perfectly.

I am using the warcraft logger upload tool. It sees all the fights and and I am able to upload it after splitting and also can use the selection option per fight. Everything comes back as working with no errors on the tool side. When I view my character it seems to only have data from quite awhile ago though. I am trying two or three times a week and was thinking maybe the server is back logged but seems like it is just broken now.

Character upload is for illithorn - Sargeras, I did a server change quite awhile ago but it has been working fine after that. Originally this character was on Alleria.

Fights that haven’t logged are in Heroic and normal and a 3 mythics for TOS and NH. Probably behind around 30 -40 now. I am sure you can’t get those back so no worries just providing info so you know how many I have been uploading and attempting. I probably should have been archiving but I think I have deleted a few now.

I tried the LIVE recording it didn’t seem to matter.

Hopefully I provided some good info and can get some help troubleshooting.

Guessing you don’t have Advanced Combat Logging enabled in-game (the uploader should be warning you about this). You can do so from the Network pane of System preferences in-game.

Nope that wasn’t it. It was set to enabled.

Feel free to link a report and I can look.