Issue with broken logs

Hello out there :slight_smile:

I’m a person that tends to log everything I do in wow cause I love to look for the small improvements to things but recently something must’ve happened to my game/uploader/anything cause I’m getting some major issues. For starters I can no longer see the equipped gear of people in the log, raidfights spill over into m+ dungeons I do later, the WoWCombatLog files are splitting on their own, and I have a bunch of “logs” with random names that I’ve never seen before. I’ve tried reinstalling the uploader/in game addon and running a wow repair but all to no avail. Hope someone can help me solve my issue.

Here are a few screenshots displaying what I’m talking about:

I have been trying to reproduce and fix this issue, that’s what all the uploader updates have been about. If you have tangible steps to reproduce, I would love to hear them.

Note the logs being separate is a new Blizzard feature in 9.0.5, that’s not actually a bug. Each time you start the World of Warcraft game, you get a new combat log file now.

So using the very latest uploader, I’d love to know what steps you do to make things mess up:
(1) Are you live logging or direct uploading?
(2) If direct uploading, are you using Select Specific Raids To Upload?
(3) Are you hitting Stop or Cancel mid-upload and that might be messing things up?


Hey man appreciate the response :slight_smile:

  1. I almost always livelog and the bugs but they seem to happen regardless.
  2. When I directly upload I normally just select the file so I wouldn’t think that I’m selecting specifically raids/dungeons.
  3. Always just have logs running from when I start my pc so no.

I believe I addressed the bugs in the latest uploader (5.4.2), so try again and see if issues persist.

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I think you have, I’ve not noticed it on any of my recent logs. Appreciate all the work you do, keep being awesome :slight_smile: