Uploaded data looks broken/incomplete


when uploading data for the new antorus raid, either by live report or parsing the WoWCombatLog, the fights are all wrong. Each boss fight is listed under “trash fights” with a way to short duration (around 10s each)

This happens only for the new Antorus raid. Other raids, even from the same file, work just fine.

This is probably something buggy with whatever add-on you’re using to auto-log raids.

I use dbm.

But it also happens if I upload using the live log feature, the log file itself is mostly for when I forget to activate live logging
This was the (unfortunately already deleted) live logged version:
Maybe an admin or so can still see deleted reports

But when scrolling through the file it sadly seems that it really stopped logging a few seconds after pull :frowning:

You must have an add-on stopping the logging in-game. That’s the only explanation I can come up with. It’s definitely not any bug on my end.

That’s what I assumed, as I seem to be the only one with that problem. But at first I thought it was some kind of configuration error or outdated uploader

Could that addon influence live logging as well? That would explain why my first log was broken as well. And if not, that would at least give me the opportunity to avoid that

I am having a similar problem. I use askmrrobot to turn on logging. It works fine in TOS but it does not work in Antorus. I get a message saying "the report contains no fights yet"

Any ideas on how I can fix that?

My recommendation is always just to use /combatlog and not to ever use auto-loggers. You’re seeing the reason why I personally hate them. They’re always buggy.

Ill give it a try

thank you for the quick reply btw.