Log is not tracking fight data

Ever since I switched to the in game add on, every log I try to upload states that the log has no fights. I’ve ensured that I had advanced logging on, double checked my log file location, scoured forum posts and tried every solution I’ve come across. The file isn’t split between years, it isn’t over 4GB (193kb). In looking at the log file, it appears to only be capturing auras and buffs.

I’m at my wits end with this, how do I fix this? I can upload the file I have from tonight’s run if that helps, but I’ve also noticed a lot of posts like this that are within the last few months that aren’t getting replies. Is this a known issue? What is going on with this?

If the log file doesn’t have fights, it means you have some autologging add-on turning logging off in-game (or not properly turning it on).

Kihra could you please confirm where you turn this autologging on or off?