Unavoidable Overkill in A6/A8

My main concern happens in A8 but also happens in A6. In A8 for my group the boss’s HP will drop to 0 at 1:34 but it won’t start the next phase till 1:51 leading to almost 20 seconds of just hitting the boss at 0 HP. Same thing happens in A6 where the 2nd boss does an animation and won’t die till a few seconds after cast is done. Is there any possible way to deal with this? Maybe adding an exception to Onslaughter/Brawler? It’s kind of annoying being punished for high DPS.

There’s no reason an exception should be added for doing dps that doesn’t contribute to the fight? I’m not sure what you’d even want, overkill is overkill. Either ask one of your dps to afk so that you don’t push to 0% as fast if you’re going for a personal parse or actually get high dps and push the boss before it does the last perpetual ray and learn to deal with the orbs running around during adds phase. Same thing for A6, just get even higher dps and skip the last attachment.