Should i manually end encounter when boss dies? ffxiv 4.01

my mini window shows me at 3k dps. my fflog upload is 2780. thats a pretty insane difference.
I read that fflogs does dots and overkill different or something but im warrior and have no dots.and just how overkilled can susano ex get?

so my question is does it have something to do with my auto encounter end timer being set very high to account for the long super moves bosses use mid-fight? should I be manually ending the encounter as soon as the boss dies?

On Susano, damage done to the rocks that don’t contain a player is removed. Says so right on the damage done page.

I have a similar problem and I can confirm that I did not target any rock unless it contained a player. My ACT reports 4006 for the entire fight and fflogs has me at 3575. Not sure what is going on.

I did not even attack the Ama-no-iwato because I was its target.

I would suggest just comparing the numbers to see where the discrepancy is.