A6S Leaderboards vs Parse?

On A6S parses (all of them) DPS on the leaderboards is always different compared to what’s displayed when you go to each individual log. I assumed this was because of separation from adds or something, but I wouldn’t understand why that would be the case.

Do you have any insight on this?

Yeah, this fight is unique in that there is dead time between bosses. I have implemented a filter to exclude the dead time when looking at the Summary/Damage Done pages, but when exported to rankings, that special filter is not included. I need to do some more implementation work to teach rankings how to exclude that dead time.

That’s what I assumed, and my raid team was wondering. Thanks.

Please don’t exclude dead time from rankings. The entire fight pull to pull is an indicator of your group dps and personal dps. If you exclude dead time then groups would just wait for cooldowns in between pulls rather than pull one after another as intended

It’s not excluded in the rankings. It’s only excluded in the summary.

I am curious to get more opinions here. It seems wrong to include the dead time between bosses, since that forces people to go as quickly as possible and not wait at all between pulls. Isn’t waiting for CDs etc, advantageous (especially if they’re going to be off CD soon-ish)?

It is advantageous, and lots of groups wait a few seconds between each boss. But that should be a calculated decision; any time spent not doing damage should be counted as such, and lower overall dps and clear speed on the encounter.

Some groups’ dps really show because they could clear so quickly with personal dps and speed between pulls; it wouldn’t make sense to compare a group that cleared the fight in 8:30 and another group who cleared at 9:30+, then say that the latter group had better individual/raid dps simply because they spent the same amount of time fighting with CDs compared to the former which had misaligned/unused CDs, but still did well and cleared faster.

The only hypothetical example (albeit farfetched) that I can think of for comparison is that if dead time is excluded, it’s like pausing some encounter and letting CDs come back up, then resuming and saying that that is a more accurate representation of someone’s dps.


I think the downtime should be included as well. The encounter has an enrage ticking down from the moment you pull the first boss, so you’re going to want to minimize downtime between the bosses as much as possible. Some groups will wait a few seconds to compose themselves, wait on short CDs or debuffs, etc. but this time is all pushing them closer to that enrage. It would be odd for a group barely killing before enrage to have higher DPS than a group who blazed through just because the former group waited on CDs.

So should I even include the downtime in the Summary/Damage Done/etc. panes? People asked me not to, so people seem divided on this.

I think downtime in Summary makes sense, because if people wanted to, they can analyze exactly how much dps they are losing by waiting a certain amount. And for those who want to see how much they do per fight/without downtime, they can add up each chunk individually by sectioning them.

I also agree that A6S should be treated as one encounter with all downtime included, even in summary. I think a lot of people don’t realize you can look at each boss individually under phases.

isn’t that the difference between DPS(a) and DPS(e)?

Only if you didn’t die or didn’t have any downtime while the fight was going on.

Not counting downtime is painfully detrimental to the whole competitive spirit of it. People having to try and convince their groups to wait minutes between pulls for raging or whatever just to fluff up their logs isn’t very fun, and it also means anyone who doesn’t slow down and just kills the turn quickly (as the fight is intended to be done) is at a severe disadvantage, which makes very little sense.

In other words, forcing people to waste time waiting for CDs just for higher log rankings isn’t fun for really anyone.

But… it wouldn’t be anything people aren’t used to. Most top players spend a ton of time waiting between pulls for AOE balance cards, so it’s kind of the same thing in the sense because of the HUGE free damage boost Balance gives to players.

Still, I’ll personally always vote to minimize things like Balance that belittle the whole exciting competitive nature of logs, which is why I’m here saying that you should definitely definitely count downtime. Shinryu said it very well;

“It would be odd for a group barely killing before enrage to have higher DPS than a group who blazed through just because the former group waited on CDs.”

Though instead of odd, I would say obnoxious, but ya B)

Downtime is now included everywhere.

I have a question about this specific turn, I recently uploaded a clear where my personal dps was around 1600+ downtime included and when i uploaded to fflogs it lowered it to 1460. I dont think there was any way I did 200 dps worth of overkill in this fight and it boggles my mind how the week before i uploaded and my parse had me at lower but it raised my points higher. it was also a run i died in and this week I did not but still uploaded lower than the previous week. its literally only this turn and Id like to try and understand why

I doubt ACT includes the downtime.

It does if you set your timer to not reset a parse after x amount of time, mines is 30 seconds and we chain pull everything so it does include the downtime

If you have the raw log still, then probably best thing to do is compare individual damage abilities and try to spot the discrepancy.