A6S: Should dps on Power plasma beta be removed?

This post is meant as a discussion if it should count or not.
I know it’s common practice to pad by attacking the big orbs in a6s but attacking them doesn’t actually contribute to anything other than personal dps.

In my opinion counting damage that doesn’t actually do anything shouldn’t be included in dps rankings. I know the fight is designed that you have nothing else to do during that time but if damage on the big orbs is generally excluded it would create a more real dps counter.

Those both sound like things that shouldn’t count though, they are 100% padding in terms of actual contribution to clearing.

Except removing Minotaur DPS puts the tank that takes it as a severe disadvantage against other teams that skip the minotaur if you were to remove the damage. It’s the same thing with A6, Teams with good DPS are put at a disadvantage against teams with average DPS if they have to sit there and attack nothing.

It has a bit of an impact on A8S. Swindler has 4x vulnerability down at that time, you don’t want to push Vortexer, and Brawler is invulnerable. Anyone cheesing the beta orbs won’t actually contribute to anything, but will technically have higher numbers if it’s kept like this.

I feel like people will always find a way to cheese however. Players would just have other players hold DPS so they could just inflate.

It’s less “bohoo overkill” and more “if healers dps the boss will jump early which fucks you because balls are still on the field while robots spawn”.

But yea I can see that some people not attacking to let others pad on the normal orbs could be an issue.

Woops, I meant something like instead of everyone holding their DPS for a GCD or two they get selfish and ask the healer to completely stop.