Tichondrius Ranking Issue?

I am having an issue about a parse I recently had during 7.2.
Here’s the log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/4h8AGjdtpDFfCn6Y#fight=43&type=damage-done

I’m Elaquent the mage btw.

Now here’s my ranking on my character sheet.


Any idea why the 97 went to an 86?

I checked the overall logs for frost mages and I am currently rank 32 out of 1,626 frost mages. That’s in the upper 2% of all parses for frost mages. Maybe im thinking about it wrong but would definitely like a response :slight_smile:

You’re looking at your historical % (how the rank looked when there were only 22 parses, early in 7.2). Today’s % is a 98% as expected. Switch to the Frost tab to see that more clearly (the Ranged tab is pitting you against Fire and Arcane mages as well).


So is there no way to get it to show as a historical % except for doing it again?
The other mage got a 100 and his stuck but mine decayed?

Historical % is the rank position around the time the parse happened. It’s not a very relevant number when there aren’t very many parses yet (as was the case in the parse you are pointing out). Nothing is “decaying”… it’s a historical number, from the day you did the kill.