The Rankings arent showing!

Hello! we killed Cenarius Xavius M and Odyn Guarm HC 2 days ago (before new patch) and the rankings need to be force-exported to see them.But, even then the rankings isnt shown in my characters and server rankings. Its like these fights never occured.You can only see them if going to guilds reports! Are you working towards solution,is there anything i can do? Thank you :slight_smile:

My Logs:

and the logs that are not ranked:

Can someone answer pls!?

Rankings prior to 7.1.5 are frozen.

Meaning we wont rank on them permenatly??? :confused:

Correct. Rankings freeze for old tiers when major new patches are released.

Unluck cause i had my best dps on that bosses :frowning:

well sadly with 7.1.5 there was a major change for most classes which would make the loggs prior to 7.1.5 fake the newer loggs.

Only thing i wonder is if the new class balance changes coming for 7.1.5 (releasing on 18th January for Eu) will freeze older loggs again ?^^

I dont think so cause as you can see the answers i got this happens oly in major patches not hotfixes :slight_smile: