Guild Rankings not updating, anyone else same issue?

Can anyone give me some insight on this, our guild has stealth mode set to disabled, all of our reports are set to public and assigned to the guild.

Just recently the rankings has stopped updating. This started happening after the 16th log upload, not sure if that is relevant at all or not. Here is a link to our guilds ranking page, I have parse selected and best selected.

Here is a fight from last weeks log, where I had a parse of 93 on Garr:

Here is the log from last night on domo when we had several people hit 99 parse:

So on our guilds rankings page, it still shows a 79 as my best parse for Garr, and all of the mages/locks that had a 99 parse on domo have not been updated either. Does anyone else have this happening? Where the reports are being uploaded and you can view them, but the guild rankings is not updating accordingly? Or if anyone knows a fix for this that would be great, thanks!

Not sure what changed, but the guild rankings have updated. Prior to this though they went 3 weeks - 1 month without an update, so not sure what changed?