WotLK Classic logs not showing rankings


I was in a Naxxramas 25man PUG earlier today, and I logged the run for us. The log itself seems fine to me, you can see damage dealt, healing etc. including the parses for your performance in the log itself. However, the log doesn’t seem to update it’s parses to the players profiles at all. I figured that might be because the ‘rankings’ part of the log isn’t working and only showing ‘No data available in table’ for every category. The issue doesn’t seem to fix itself after re-exporting the data in the rankings page. Is there anything else to do to get the logs correctly show up in the raiders player profiles? I’ll post link to the log below. Thanks in advance, Osmanteri.

Link to the logs in question: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft


Little update ~10 hours from the original post;

The issue seems to have somewhat fixed itself, the log now has mostly updated into players personal page, with the exception of one boss (Loatheb) still missing.

Hi there - it looks like you are on EU? These logs are uploaded to the US/OCE region, so they don’t rank. I assume you have parses on your character page because someone else logged.

You need to upload it to the correct region in the Uploader :slight_smile:


I think this was the problem. Logs and parses seem fixed now. Didn’t notice I had the wrong region on after downloading the new companion app. Thanks for response!