Ranking bug on character page?

I’ve held rank 1 for about 2 days now on Garothi normal and it isn’t reflected on my character page, I know it’s really minor but I want to try get as many 100’s as I can before legion ends in any difficulty and this is really tilting me.

Hopefully I can get some advice on how to fix the issue, I have tried to re-export it to no avail.



https://imgur.com/a/um9tP (my personal rankings showing a third day at rank 1 but no historical rank 1)

Thanks in advanced for any help, just really want to start grinding more rank 1’s since prog will be done soon.

There was a higher parse recorded for that day that has since been made private. It’s pretty much impossible for me to account for that, since I can’t continuously rebuild historical data just because of report privacy changes.

But that parse was bugged, with people doing 22million DPS openers, I understand you cant constantly account for people making public logs private though, was just a question.