The (un)trusty uploader

Hey Everyone,

The warcraftlogs are great for many reasons (the main one for me is to compare my build against other to see how I perform and where I can improve). My guildie is normally uploading the logs and that’s just fine, but there are time, when I want to upload them myself (e.g. he’s not in a group with me or due to the fight mechanics we’re not seeing each other’s actions). I would like to install the client as well, but unfortunately I’m not sure if it’s trustworthy - it’s a piece of software that I install, that reads data from my storage and uploads it to the web. Additionally, as I read in some other threads, it’s the only way to upload the logs data.
I was trying to find source of the program, but it doesn’t seem to be open and that shakes my trust even more, comparing to, e.g. Simcraft, where the code is publicly available on Github. Is there a reason why not to publish the code or alternatively provide an alternative way to upload the logs?


There is no alternative. The uploader has to take the log and strip out a lot of useless and redundant information in order to reduce the log file down to < 1% of its original size. That reduced content is then uploaded to the site.

While I would love to do everything in-browser and not need a special client, the only browser that would be capable of accomplishing this is Chrome, and it would only be able to do so with non-standard Web APIs that aren’t on track for standardization.

Thanks for your reply.
I understand why there is reason for one, but you still didn’t mention open-source. What’s the reason for that?

Because the stripping and compression process is propitiatory. Kihra put a lot of effort into it, and it’s the key to everything he does.