Warcraft Logs no letting me upload SOS!

Greetings traveler!
I have been trying to upload my own logs and I have been running into an issue when i select the file log for it to upload it get a pop up that says “The file is in use” and when i go to live logs the log file does not even show up on the list. When i went to delete it I was told “The file is open in Intel Management and Security Application Local Management Service” what even is that and how do i fix this?

Make sure to have your Wow closed before you try and upload a log.
And if that doesnt work, restart your pc and then try and upload. perhaps that will get rid of the problem…

I think that intel service is a sort of antivirus type program, it might thing the log is a virus and thus its investigating it.
Try to close the application or if you have to use the Task manager.

Thanks you so much Candles for the fast reply =D. It is now letting me interact with the logs files. I have been trying to get this to work for the past couple of days and can’t believe i didn’t think of just restarting my computer lol. Now when i go to upload them it says they have multiple days of logs on them and they need to be spit. When i go to split them they give me error 2029 I would really appreciate some guidance on how to remedy this.

how many bytes is your warcraft log? sometimes if it gets waaay too large. it causes the PC or program to crash.

Currently it says they are 18 bytes when over hover over it, Also the issue where it gives me the file is in use is back and i can’t seem to find anything about the intel service and how i can change it

I restarted again and it says This is not a valid log file. Bad line was: Service starting

Hmm 18 bytes seems not all that much…

When im logging a raid night. my WowCombatLog.txt is usually about 220.000 kb
You need to find the Intel service in the task manager.
Open task manager> details tab> search for the intel program
Open task manager> services tab> stop the intel service

I’m pretty sure that worked thank you.But i still have the Error: Line 1 - This is not a valid log file. Bad line was: Service starting.

Sure you have picked the right file?

It’s just the logs file right? @Kihra these are just 5 sec logs off dummies so im going to run a quick lfr and see if something shows

After trying to log in lfr and looking around it seems that when i start using combat log none of the data gets sent to the log file and they doesn’t even seem to be a log file when In the live logging section and the log file in just regular upload a log doesn’t change at all. @Kihra @Candles

I think you need to actually start a combat log using addons etc and 5 seconds in a training dummy wont register because its too short and in the open world