Any plans for enabling the private API?

Hi Kihra, firstly, amazing job with the warcraftlogs. I’ve been out of the loop for a few expansions and I came back in legion…have discovered and then relied on warcraftlogs tremendously to become a better player and figure out where we’re going wrong. It’s a great site, fast, and exceptionally well done. Good job!

I’m writing a little analysis tool at the moment for my guild leader, and have a couple questions for you:

I see the API key section has a message saying:

“The secret key will be used for OAuth authorization and enable access to private information (like your guild’s private reports). (Note: the first draft of the API is public only, so the secret key is not used yet).”

Do you have any plans to do this soon? Some of our logs are private and we’d prefer not to have to open them up to run the tool. There’s a handy unlock/lock button which I can use so I can quickly grab the data I need if this isn’t going to happen, but I’d prefer something a bit more elegant.

The second question was - do you calculate dps on adds for the time that the adds spawn and die or for damage done to the add / total fight time?