Tank ranking should be based on dps/damage taken, not dps only

To be honest, it’s going too far for tank ranking on wcl classic now. Tank starts to chose damage-oritented talents, instead of some defensive talents and defensive attributes. It is not a responsible way for the whole raid team and the whole team members. I understand that tank’s dps is important because more dps brings higher threat, which gives the whole team larger space to deal damage without over aggro. But it is going too far. There should be a balance between tank’s dps ability and survivability. Thus, i think tank rankings should be based on a ratio, which is dps/dtps.
For example, Player A’s dps is 800 and his dtps is 1600. Player B’s dps is 500 and his dtps is 800.

800/1600=0.5, 500/800=0.625, 0.625>0.5

I think Player B is better. I am not saying Player A is bad. He is good as well. But compared with Player B, Player A gives his team healers more pressure. Player B should be ranked higher than Player A.