Tank Survivability Rankings

I can’t find any information as to why this isn’t being tracked anymore. Is it currently down due to the 7.1 patch or being removed entirely?

Kira posted this here;

Aka now

I think I am not understanding something about that post. These restrictions only eliminated my Tank Survival rankings but not the DPS/Healer rankings. Is it just that the implementation hasn’t finished for tank survivability charts?

The metric was broken by the removal of Resolve. It basically isn’t giving good numbers any longer in Legion, so until I can get more information regarding unmitigated damage, it’s pointless to show it.

Thank you for the reply. I did notice some distortions regarding the KRSI and rankings. It makes sense to remove it as it’s as you said “Pointless”. I’ll just miss it. Hope you figure it out soon!

It’s not pointless when you’re comparing your tank damage taken versus other tanks of your same class. It was usefull, the meta tank rankings you are correct are useless.

The metric was broken by the move from WoD -> Legion. The numbers being produced are not sound.

What can/should/shouldn’t tanks now use to compare and contrast effectiveness against others of same spec/class at large? Besides one to one comparison of specific combat logs.

The KRSI number has never been a good comparative metric, since it’s too heavily influenced by time spent tanking. Yes, the best way to compare yourself against other tanks as far as survivability is to do one to one comparison of specific logs.

I see both sides of the debate. Regardless of the misleading KRSI calculations it did help you find other tanks who mitigated damage well. It gave you an easier way of finding other skilled tanks and comparing your logs vs theirs. The Tank Survivability chart gave other tanks an easier way of finding tanks who took little damage based on Ilvl and their ability to mitigate with abilities. Now there isn’t a reliable way to search for tanks who may have taken less damage than you. If not a KRSI chart perhaps adding a way to see a list of damage taken vs ilvl?

It did not help you find other tanks who mitigated damage well. It literally doesn’t measure that. It measures something which sometimes correlates with that and often doesn’t.

“Damage taken vs ilvl” is a terrible idea.

Also, I did not remove the ability to do report comparisons using KRSI. I just got rid of the ranks. If you want to compare yourself, you still can. Click the “Compare” button in your report. Under Metric, select Survivability. Pick your fight length, item level range, etc. That all still works.

Oh, I wasn’t aware @Kihra, Thanks!

is there any chance of the rankings coming back just for within the same class?

i understand that the metric can be gamed fairly easily, but for mythic in particular the rankings really help with identifying tanks that appear to smooth out their damage intake the most. And then doing direct comparisons between two from there.

at the moment there is no good way to find top tanks of your class so you can compare their progression ability use to your own.

The numbers being produced are not accurate. I don’t understand why you want me to bring back broken numbers. I’ve explained that the numbers being produced are messed up and not meaningful.

Also, see my previous post. You can still do comparisons. I did not remove this.

And where is this compare button? All i see is compared against ranks, compared all parses with no way to compare other tank individualy. Let alone no option for surivability. my other tank “same class” out dps me but takes 25mil more dmg than me on a fight and makes my logs look like sh!t now… hes the off tank…
now i guess i need a tank dps set > survivability

I have already said the numbers for the metric are broken by the removal of Resolve. You are not seeing accurate numbers. Like, do you really want me to turn a broken metric back on when it is producing numbers that are completely meaningless?

The numbers being generated do not actually indicate how smooth the other tanks are.

If you want to compare yourself vs other skilled tanks, find the ones doing the most dps, and figure out what they are doing differently, that’s allowing them to do max dps and survive.

Maybe have a simple high level report that can show tank deaths on certain bosses by ilevel. I know as a prot paladin at 920 level, I was dieing a lot more to KJ than my Guardian at 910. Again, not a great way to get detail but would be a nice overview to see which tanks are doing well.

Per week/month, Boss, ilevel, tank type, # deaths