Threat per second

Is it possible we can get a TPS tracking section in the logs? The threat tab is not super useful when it comes to classic as it doesn’t answer questions as to why something (possible threat wipe etc) has occurred.

Just to jump on this post; if it is possible to get tps charts in warcraft logs could we also get tank rankings weighted on tps? tps>dps for tanks.

TPS is not in logs at all.

Gotcha. Any idea how legacy players is capable of tracking threat? Is what they do possible here?

I assume there are add-ons for it in-game.

There are but I was hoping to find something here that I can look at after the fact. Addon’s wipe after each combat like they should where as warcraftlogs I can look at a year later. A raid on This Website shows threat when you select it, for example. Is it possible that warcraftlogs will ever implement something like that?

Take it we’ll never see anything like this in the works?

There is currently not enough information in logs to compute this with any kind of reliability.

You take the abilities cast and add the threat modifiers to them based on all the people that have done the math, just like threat meters do in game.
The least you could do is separate out prot warriors from Fury warriors that tank, so people can make accurate comparisons between the 2. Prot warriors cannot, compete with fury warriors standing in front of the boss in full DPS gear “tanking”

it should be worked on mostly because Threat OR threat per second is the most Important thing in classic to track if you generate too much threat as a dps you die you don’t generate enough threat as a tank your raid dies it actually determines how much and how fast you can dps down a boss or raid if you have good threat you can have good dps

and its also the only Tank centric metric we’ve had in wow since 2008 like hey look we finally have a metric for tanks that they can advertise and if they have fucking great tps its amazing instead of current wow which is well did he do good dps and do the mechanics and position correctly and how much dmg did he mitigate aswell and its just a wash tbh

I know it’s desired, but it doesn’t seem like the log has enough information for this to be computable.

Note this exists (it’s a work in progress) if you want something to look at:

As you can see, e.g., Defiance is problematic, multi-target stuff is difficult (there is no spawn event, so it can be hard to know if e.g., healing threat should apply to an enemy or not), etc.

I’m certainly open to supporting this, but at least right now, I don’t think there’s enough information in the log itself to accurately compute it.

At best, a site like the one I linked above could sort of estimate it, with the warrior providing manual inputs (like points in Defiance, etc.).

There is currently not enough information in logs to compute this with any kind of reliability.

That’s actually incorrect. You know who has aggro. The one getting hit. You also know how well the DPS is doing. If the DPS are getting legendary parses without having aggro then you can probably assume your tank is doing alright.

Wall of Text

Take the DPS ranks (discard below 10% maybe) and group them according to the availability of threat reduction: Mages, Warlocks and Warriors don’t have that, their DPS is more Threat expensive. Priests and Druids have active threat reduction abilites so their DPS is middling threat expensive. Rogues and Hunters have threat resets so their DPS is least threat expensive.
Apply a scaling factor accordingly and sum to a raid wide Damage Ranking Performance.

This Damage Ranking Performance forms the baseline and you get that as percentage share over your aggro holding percentage (you versus anyone else). Let’s call that the Tanking Base Score.

Everyone who is above a threshold (cut off bottom 10th percentile probably) should now be considered a Tank.

Now we want to calculate the Final Score and that means we take a look at what we’re supposed to do:

Keep alive: Every death of someone below you in this TB Score is a negative mark (flat percent deduction).

Damage Reduction: This should specifically NOT include how much damage the tank takes or mitigates. It is irrelevant how you made it work. If your healers are gods of protection walking Azeroth among us mortals and can keep you up while you stand naked in front of Nefarian so be it. But your RAID shouldn’t take boss damage. This needs to be vetted for most bosses in so far as how the tank can influence it. Example: Shadow Flame on 3 Drakes will not hit anyone but a Tank. Shadow Flame damage during 3 Drak1. Generate a combined per class damage score of the raid.
2. Subtract a percentage penalty for deaths of non-tanks (anyone who is below a 10% cutoff for uptime on Aggro)
3. Distribute score among everyone who had Aggro according to their uptime.
3.1. Ignore time without Aggro where abilities like Conflag made the boss ignore you.
4. Subtract a percentage penalty for damage dealt to non-tanks by directional on someone who is not a Tank is a negative mark. A Corehound has a frontal breath so treat the same. Chromaggus however you have 360 breaths so nothing much a tank can do if people decide to face tank it. Same for Wrath of Ragnaros, etc.

Let’s take Firemaw as an example: MT goes in and begins his work. Wing Buffet gets taunted off by the OT, so he has some uptime as well. OT is constantly running in and out. If Flame Buffet gets too high the second OT is called in to take over. He also gets some uptime.
In the end you’d have something like MT 40%, OT1 20%, OT2 35% with 5% to a hunter pulling for example or an unruly warlock.
Your raid wide damage ranking performance is now distributed to the Tanks, let’s say your raid just scored the highest overall damage ranking worldwide. That means your tanks have a perfect 100 distributed.
If we want to get fancy we can add an execution mpdification per boss. On Nefarian you’d have one tank. So just distribute it flat. On Razorgore you will have two tanks because of conflagration, so modify according to incapacitation. (Basically ignore the time you do not have aggro if you can’t have aggro.)
Strategies like Wing Buffet Tanking should normalize themselves. If you deal enough threat your DPS can go ham and the boss dies fast so you have an overall better parse.

TLDR Version:

  1. Generate a combined per class per player damage score of the raid.
  2. Adjust by availability of threat resets or reductions (minor boost for passive, bigger boost for none).
  3. Subtract a percentage penalty for deaths of non-tanks (anyone who is below a 10% cutoff for uptime on Aggro)
  4. Distribute score among everyone who had Aggro according to their uptime ignoring time where abilities like Conflagrate made the boss ignore you.
  5. Subtract a percentage penalty for damage dealt to non-tanks by directional AoE.

Both the version against the highest DPS Score and against the combined score can be interesting. The later obviously being biased towards tanks with good raiding groups (then again, nothing wrong with that imo).

While this certainly has its shortcomings it is at least somewhat related to what a tank is supposed to be doing and represents a way to actually have relevant influence on your Rankings as a tank. It is not warrior specific, this would even work with a Warlock Tank.


While it’s not possible to have perfectly correct numbers since you’ll always have to “guess” the bonus aggro talents (Defiance / Feral Instincts) and a few other minor things, I’d much rather work with an estimate than no info at all.

I’m already using and, but seeing threat as a graph and maybe having a TPS ranking would be really good to have.