Threat per second

Is it possible we can get a TPS tracking section in the logs? The threat tab is not super useful when it comes to classic as it doesn’t answer questions as to why something (possible threat wipe etc) has occurred.

Just to jump on this post; if it is possible to get tps charts in warcraft logs could we also get tank rankings weighted on tps? tps>dps for tanks.

TPS is not in logs at all.

Gotcha. Any idea how legacy players is capable of tracking threat? Is what they do possible here?

I assume there are add-ons for it in-game.

There are but I was hoping to find something here that I can look at after the fact. Addon’s wipe after each combat like they should where as warcraftlogs I can look at a year later. A raid on This Website shows threat when you select it, for example. Is it possible that warcraftlogs will ever implement something like that?

Take it we’ll never see anything like this in the works?

There is currently not enough information in logs to compute this with any kind of reliability.