DPS being flagged as tanks in Classic

Dear combatlogs team,

I’ve noticed a lot of parses where a dps gets hit by a cleave / breath / other AOE and get flagged as a tank. Is there a way to flag these in the rankings so they get moved over from tank parses to dps?


Should be very few of these. You have to take 50% or more of the boss melee swings, or be in Defensive Stance for >= 35% of the fight to be flagged as a tank.

Sadly some DPS have started deliberately cheesing this and staying in Def Stance for 35% etc.

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Hi Kihra,

Is that the case for paladins with RF and druids with bearform as well?

Ebonroc I can see prot paladins only tanking for the first 10-20sec and maybe having agro for <30% total due the difficulty in agro swapping around the curse debuff without a taunt. But on every other fight in BWL paladins should have the same requirement of >X% of boss autoattacks for a parse as a tank.

Take a look at Flamegor rankings for example. #1 gets clipped by a fire nova and never has agro. Going down the list it seems about 15% of the first page parses are the same deal.

Paladins are flagged as tanks if they cast Holy Shield.

So no melee hit requirement? Does this mean a pally could wear dps gear with a shield and then cast Holy Shield and then swap on a 2h weapon to deal high dps and get flagged as a tank for a high parse? :smiley:

Going back to my original question, however: Is it possible for us to flag these dps parses as dps parses and not tank parses?

And I guess the reciprocal for tanks who are identified as dps to flag their parses also.


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This seems like and even simpler fix than what I suggested for enhancement shaman tanks to be classified properly as tanks and not DPS