Ranks becoming to Obsessive

I must Ask as time after time I Read and hear %Ranks matter more than someone who does the job and stays alive,

I fully understand the logs for seeing whos pulling there weight in dmg/dps
But to give a player a ranking % of Rubbish even if in that raid he/she they came 3rd in the dmg/dps and a player who did poo dmg/dps gets a high % ranking …

I think its very poor of guild/players who focus on % ranking over doing the job… its breading a culture for bully’s rewarding lazy players with high ranking and kicking high dmg/dps with poor % ranking,

Ranking should be based on the team your with, things like ilvl and rankings for that ilvl are not good when one player 909 could have all BiS and another player 909 could have just the 4 piece T19 set and a few other items… if you want worlds Ranks base it on like for like not 909 crap verses 909 best in slot inc Relics etc , Make the ranks fair to the raid team your in… and the equipment your raiding with, even better delete rankings and go back to the old school of get the job done …

Anyone Seen Methods Logs for world first kills ??? Nope because they focus on getting the job done… !!!

Just because Method’s logs aren’t public, doesn’t mean Method is not using logs to find ways to improve.

You can have high rankings and do the job right and logs are an excellent tool to find problems that you can’t notice in the heat of a battle.

If your raid leader is only focusing on % rankings that doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the tool. It’s just low effort on your raid leaders part.

If you wipe because your raid lacks dps then having the rankings/statistics for class/spec/talents/trinkets/legendaries can be used, but most of the time you would use it to see who gets hit by avoidable damage or not moving right (replay function is amazing).

Having rankings means people can learn from the best people in the game who are logging. You can see what spells they cast, how they line up their cooldowns, how they move to minimize idling, what talent/trinket/legendary combination works best.

Sure, there are certain legendaries/trinkets that are stronger than others, but if you looked at the rankings for your spec on a fight, you’d likely see at least 4-5 viable legendaries and even more trinkets, even though some of them show up more often.

It’s a poor (war)craftsman that blames his tools.