Soulcap abuse on Tyrant Velhari + Trash

People using the trash + ring to build up a big soulcap to kill boss fast

Seems like shaman wasn’t flagged as ench for some reason.

This has been invalidated. It has always been WCL’s policy (since inception) that trash cannot be pulled with a boss. Checks have been in place for Tyrant Velhari for some time now, but not for this particular example. While I applaud the ingenuity of using the trash to blow up the boss, I have to treat this the same as logs that pull Velhari with the trash, since it’s the same result (i.e., padding created through using trash).

I have similar checks in place for WildStar and FF as well, and this is just a blanket rule, i.e., no trash is allowed. I have updated the ranking exploits information document to clarify this position.

Again, I think this was very clever, but I can’t allow it to stand. I strongly suspect it will be hotfixed quickly anyway. :slight_smile:

I very much agree with that stance. We didn’t expect the log to stay up for very long after having done this, and it also wasn’t the purpose of killing Tyrant Velhari like this. We did it for the sake of hilarity, ideally she’d die instantly but the timings were hard to get down since the server started lagging very hard when we were AoEing the trash. I suspect this was because of the high amounts of damage events going out from the combination of Blade Flurry + Instant Poison + Multistrikes in particular. The more Rogues we had, the more lag there was. Before we decided to only go with 3 Combat Rogues, the trash made us lag so hard that Soul Capacitors exploded before the lag was over, haha.

Thanks for letting this be a precedent. We certainly don’t want it to become the normal way of killing things with insane speed.

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I figured it was only a matter of time before someone tried this in a raid setting, since it’s become standard practice in Challenge Modes.