Guardian Druid Thrash Damage Exploit

There is a current bug with Luffa Wrappings Legendary that is being exploited by a number of Guardian druids in the top dps ranks.

This glitch allows the druid to maintain the 75% damage increase from the Feral version of the item while in Guardian spec.

I don’t want to call anyone out specifically but if you need more information to look into it further I will be happy to PM with links to specific logs.

I feel the logs of the players using this exploit should be deemed invalid and have their rank/parse removed. Many players around the world work very hard to achieve their ranks on warcraftlogs every week. It does not seem fair to have their effort belittled by people who choose to exploit.

Yeah, aware of the bug. Not quite sure how I’d go about detecting it though.

@Kihra It seems you are able to detect which legendary someone has equipped for each fight. Perhaps it changes the code in some way?

Or even disable rankings for people using Luffa Wrappings until the bug is fixed. Although this may be extreme. However it’s very apparent if you look at the Guardian rankings who is exploiting.

I appreciate your time on this. I’m sure keeping this site going smoothly takes quite the effort!

I’m sorry for being slightly off-topic but this happens to be the only place I could find the bug/exploit being mentioned.

Does anybody know if Blizzard is aware of the bug? Being from EU, I cannot open a thread in the bug report forum (which only the US forums have).