Warcraftlog RED why?

log for sósa is red not sure why help plzzz


Because your rogue used the Soul Capacitor on trash before Gorefiend and exploded on the boss using damage done to that trash. This particular exploit is now being closed in order to prevent trash from being used to inflate #s on the boss.

no no i dint it was a fresh pull with a 25 sec timer for the locks i dint use any trinket swap or soulcap damage it was a fresh pull

it would be cool if you could look in to the log report i posted to try see what went wrong … and thanks for your fast response

Ok, the heuristic could be buggy. Are you allowed to blow up a Soul Capacitor early? I thought it had to run a full 10 seconds.

I do see you didn’t gain Spirit Shift until after the pull started, but it exploded 6 seconds later. Assuming there is some way to explode it early, I’ll modify my heuristic to only trigger if Spirit Shift was already up before the fight started.

ye you can use a macro to cancel /cancelaura Spirit Shift as i was going into his belly so i wonted the damage it had built to go on the boss befor i went in

Ok that explains it. Will fix.

ok thanks for your time in this matter and your fast response :slight_smile: