Site Fails to Update Characters on Account

Under “Settings,” pressing “Update” under the “ Characters and Guilds” section causes NOTHING to happen, and instead sends me back to the warcraftlog homepage. The last time the auto-sync seems to have worked was March 10th.

As it stands, my Death Knight has transitioned through 3 different guilds across two realms in that time, and my Druid is in a guild that no longer exists. My DK also shows up as two different toons when I go to search for her.

DK on Previous Realm:

DK on Current Realm:

Try unlinking and then relinking. Might want to revoke WCL’s access too just to make everything reset (that is done on your page).

Thank you for replying. Your suggestion seems to have worked for the most part! DK’s logs are still separated across two realms though. Is there a way to merge them?