Shouldn't teach us to play games

The legendary weapons of Kael’thas in P2.5 should be played freely

Speedrun players can try to develop a variety of battle plans

Ordinary players can see more exciting fancy tactics

I can’t find a logical argument against it. The phases have been split, its been available the entire phase, its available to every player of every class, its the fastest way to clear the raid and so by the end of p2.5 you will have more excluded logs for the phase than included ones.

Blizzard has acknowledged to us that it is a bug. It’s only persisting because they’re off for the holidays. The weapons are supposed to be removed on the start of any boss encounter. It’s just a bug that they are not.

Well reading every blue post since the nerfs were implemented shows clearly they haven’t stated that this is a bug or that they are going to ever implement a “fix” for it.

In-Game Exploits

If the exploit is possible in-game , then I consult developers and see if a hotfix is imminent. If a hotfix is planned for the exploit, then at that point, I try to come up with a code fix that will automatically invalidate all the ranks that used the exploit.

If a code fix is possible, then I put it in place and go back and try to find the old logs that have the exploit and flag them with a gold background.

I talked to Blizzard directly and was told it was a bug. They’re supposed to be removed on ENCOUNTER_START.

So, when are they planning on removing it? Sometime in WotLK?

Note we did poll the usage of KT weapons, and the community (at all levels of play) voted to ban them.

Ok, just making sure that this was indeed just completely against the stated policies about only removing parses that used in-game exploits that have imminent hotfixes planned.

You’re being ridiculous. It was polled. If the community wants something removed at all levels of play (including top parsers), it will be removed. Nothing inconsistent about it.