WoW TBC KT Weaps

So… First of p2.5 some logs got flagged as “invalid” because of the Legendary weapons used on other bosses than KT. But from what I can see atm, theres alot of logs with people using those weapons.

  • Is it changed to be OK to use those weapons or what is the deal?
    Please explain.

It is not. We’re working on an automated flagging for it and then will recrawl to remove the logs that are using them.

I don’t see any reason why these logs shouldn’t count. Its available to everyone, the content is nerfed so the bosses are not the same as the earlier phase, the phases have already been split, and logically its the fastest way to clear the raid. Blizzard opened up doing KT first to everyone and allowed the use of his weapons throughout the instance. Should mages be able to spellsteal trash mobs in karazan and use those buffs on bosses? You should be able to use anything inside the instance to kill the mobs and bosses in side the instance.

Because Blizzard has acknowledged to us that it is a bug. It’s only persisting because they’re off for the holidays. The weapons are supposed to be removed on the start of any boss encounter. It’s just a bug that they are not.