Rpal Chain abuse logs

belt can be swapped to cloak+ring after crusade -> HUGE damage boost and must be considered as exploit

My understanding is there is no way to detect this exploit, since you don’t see it in the logs.

eh, hope atleast blizzard aware about it…

btw, Kihra, what about dat kind of abuse
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9LpfXyD4N7vaF32G#fight=5&type=auras&source=9 watch his leggos-buffs

You’ll have to explain in more detail. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be seeing.

belt+highlord eq with cloak buff

as you can see, rpaladins got like double exploit mechanic

What are the exact 3 buffs that would tell me 3 legendaries were used? Buff ids or English names. Thanks.

Whisper of the Natrezim, Divine Purpose and Chain of Trayn in events-summary
he CANT have whisper of the natrezim cuz its provided by the cape, but he got ONLY ring(divine purpose) and chain(same buff)

100’s of logs have the same issue, check out quin69’s latest twitch stream where he did this exploit towards the end on a target dummy

ret logs are devastated by exploiters lmao

Looking into this more, this log is actually atypical compared to other exploiters in that it shows Chain equipped. In the more common scenario, Chain is the one missing, so there’s really no way to detect this.

I will probably wait for Blizzard to hotfix this and simply erase all ret paladin rankings once they have done so.

they already did

Going to see if I can figure out a means of detection before just giving up and wiping everything.

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some updates Kihra? i see some time have passed.
also thanks everyone for everything. i’m now not doing anything but searching for pharmacy reviews because of my recent health issues. so just sitting home not doing anything i wanted to at least learn a little bit and so found some helpful advices through your posts

On vacation since Thurs. No coding going on atm.